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What is Nature Sports?

What is Nature Sports?
In the nature and in the natural environment, with the help of a material or without material, all sports are called nature sports. Rafting, underwater diving, free diving, nature photography, touring, glacier climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, rock climbing, hiking, camping, cave diving, canyon pass, paragliding, paramotor, wing, sailing wing, motor deltakanat, frozen waterfall climbing, mountain biking, orientering, base jumping, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and the like are examples of nature sports.
When we go to define life, we have to put the "movement" at the beginning.

Today's technology is developing so fast that automation and mechanization are now taking up more space in human experience. In the use of technology, everything is now considered for the convenience of people. Everything from washing and dish washing to brushing shoes is now done through tools. This also makes the person more passive or less active in everyday life.
This little movement today also led to the birth of a new disease group. This disease group is called Hypokinetic-Disease. Now these diseases are the most life-consuming group of diseases today. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of this disease.
Man created the "sports" phenomenon in order to cope with the lack of this movement, to raise the quality of life, to make the activities in daily life easier in the physical sense. This phenomenon was known at various periods in various countries with different names. Sometimes "sports for everyone", sometimes "sport for health", sometimes "mass sport" and so on. as.
The sport does not end with counts of contributions to human health, to the physical and mental development of the person.
In recent years, a new branch has started to develop in sports activities, which has become a center of attraction for people of all ages and professions. Nature sports ...
Nature walks are an activity that everyone can easily do with a bit of information and a little conditioning that does not require too much technical skill and competence.
The next stage of nature walks is the Mountain Walks. The difference from the wild walks is that the difficulty levels are a bit higher and they also take place in mountaineering catagories. MOUNTAINEERING; It is a sports field that requires knowledge, experience and competence in a wide range of fields, from training, first aid, technical skills, fitness, nutrition, navigation and search to vaulting.
Nature sports is a known fact that the level of adrenaline is high. Its contribution to human health and development is also a fact that does not need much controversy. The mainstream sports contribute to the development of skills such as discipline, stability, adaptability, .

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