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TREKKING Nature is calling us!

TREKKING Nature is calling us!
In fact, we are a part of nature and nature always calls us. What do you say to listen to this call of nature and to feel more free yourself? Yes, but you can hear that you have questions. ?
One of the most asked questions is who can trekking at the beginning. It would not be wrong to answer everyone who can walk into it. Of course, every cut can not walk everywhere. It is very challenging, there are courses that require professionalism, but there are also courses that everyone can walk on. According to their physical condition, everyone who is healthy and who can walk is not important early or late in the day. Tekking is not in a race anyway!

Before Trekking

What you need to do before trekking ..
• Review course and program information. Consider the degree of difficulty. If you have a particular problem, you should definitely contact us.
• Decide how long you can walk and choose a suitable tour.
• If you have questions, please contact us to find out material information by tour.
• Do not leave the "evening stand" on a walk. Get up early the night before the day you go for a walk.
• Have a kind of sweets thing for the children you will encounter on foot. Men marvel, girls are very happy with tokens.
while walking
• Do not be afraid of getting contaminated with toadstool in the wild, press the water to the mud that you first saw. Do not forget to come here to do what you can not do in the city ..?
• Do not use perfume. In many areas, natural hive bees are not separated from each other .. ..?
• Many courses have potable water, but we do not recommend drinking to those who are used to very sterile life.
• Be careful to be in a single line when walking from a patio.
• Be careful not to step on each other as you walk through the green areas
• Take care when crossing cultivated sites, do not break anything without permission.
• Walk along the creek by pressing the rocks. Check that the stone you are pushing is lightly polished first and that it is slippery.
• Shout the stone if the stone rolls in the movements of the leading ones while leaving the upright place.
• Try to stay about 1 m behind you before crossing your favorite branches so that you do not hit the branches that are released after you pass.
• Nature walking is done as a group and the purpose in the group is to act jointly. Your guide will take care to ensure this, but take care to ensure this, but take your own bonus and never be overwhelmed. Listen to the signals your body gives you.
• Do not leave the group for any reason without informing the owner!
• If you think you have lost behind the band for some reason, do not leave the point. Your guide will find you shortly when you wait on the route.
• Take maximum care to protect the environment. Do not leave your garbage in the forest. Leave organic wastes such as fruit wastes, bread, food waste to the forest.
• Forget about everything you left behind when you stepped in. Begin to imagine the gifts and visual fancies that nature presents to you.

After the walk
If you have been walking a hard track, you should consult your doctor before going to bed in order to get a muscle relaxer to keep your legs on for the next few days.

An important warning shoe .. !!
You should wear a throat shoe for hiking. If you decide to do frequent trekking, definitely buy trekking shoes. BUT you will get a new shoe certainly not for the first time during the event. Absolutely, but definitely wear your new shoes three or five times before the event in urban life, get your feet and shoes on.

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