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Sun Direction Finding Methods

Sun Direction Finding Methods

  If we learn the directions well, we can easily understand the position we are using by using the solar method. Where we are, we must observe the side on which the Sun rises. The sun rises from the east. If we extend the right arm to the east, the left is west; the north is the future, and the south is the south. Your orientation can be determined in this way.

  Another effective method of finding directions by taking advantage of the sun is; at noon, when the sun is at full hill. Put a bar where you can be sure that the sun is exactly at the top (this is also called the bar method). The shortest shadow of the bar always shows the north. Exactly opposite is south, right side is east, and left side is west.

  If you can not wait for lunch, put the bar anyway. Mark the location of the first shade. The direction of the shade will change as the hours progress. Mark another shadow point in the next stage. In the first job, place your right foot on the left and on the other. In this way, the north is the north, and the direction from the left to the right is the east.

  The bar method is generally known as a technique used by people living in rural areas. The most important thing you need to do is to have a clear and sunny weather.

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