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Salvador Dali's Life

Salvador Dali's Life
 Salvador Dali, who came to the world in 1904, is the first child of the family and 9 months and 10 days before his birth, he gets his brother's name, losing his life from digestive system inflammation. Mothers and fathers who can not make their birth through the sufferings of their born son in 1901 will drop more on Salvador Dali. Constantly referring to his first child, this attitude of the Dali couple causes little Salvador to live identity problems.
 Salvador Dali becomes a sister when she reaches the age of three. With the birth of Mother Maria, the small Salvador, who is pampered and pampered by the housewives as the only male child of the house, has a spoiled and whimsical personality. This personality will later form the basis of Salvador Dali's ambitious and self-contained character.
Little Salvador, who is always accompanied by his mother, who is aware of her painting ability, also enters the path of painters who will bring her a great reputation. Salvador Dali, 10 years old, is given a special painting school with the support of her mother.
Having a hard, disciplined and authoritarian father, Salvador Dali had a soft, loving mother unlike her father. Aside from being unable to deal with his father throughout his life, he lost his breast cancer in 1921, at the age of 17, when he was 17 years old.
The year she lost her mother is entitled to enter the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts. His father, whom he has never been able to understand during his lifetime, will marry his marriage after his wife's death. Salvador Dali settled in Madrid for the school he won. Salvador Dali, whose interest in the Cubism and Dadaism movements, which have not yet spread in Spain yet, reflects these trends in his works, makes a lot of mention around him. During his school life, he will be a friend of the famous poet and writer Federico Garcia Lorca who will become famous in the future, and the director and screenwriter Luis Bunuel.
Salvador Dali takes the suspension penalty after 2 years. Reason; to criticize their teachers and to challenge the academic discipline rules. He was arrested on the grounds that he was involved in anarchist actions in 1923, when he was expelled from school.
Salvador Dali opens his first solo exhibition at the age of 21. In the following year she goes to Paris with her sister Ana Maria and meets Pablo Picasso, one of the most prominent artists of cubism. Picasso's influence is clearly visible in his studies after he returned to Spain. There is a Dali who finished his military service on October 1927. Salvador Dali writes in collaboration with art critics Lluis Montanya and Sebestia Gasch, whose work "Yellow Manifesto", which modernization and futurism advocates in art.
The first movie to be shot with a daring companion, "An Andalusian Dog", together with his friend Luis Bunuel, met with the audience in 1929. The short film is a film that fills the doors of fame in the surreal surroundings of these two dorm friends. In the same year Salvador Dali met Paul Eluard, a prominent figure in the surrealist movement, through a friend in Paris.
Salvador Dali continued to rise in the art world with his works. This reputation of Dali attracts interest in his surrealist, and in these occasions he exhibits his paintings at Geomans' gallery with an agreement with a businessman, Camille Geomans. Salvador Dali came together with Andre Breton, one of the foremen of surrealism, and Paul Eluard, whom he had previously met, to establish stronger relationships. The most important point of this opinion is to meet Gala, the woman of Salvador Dali's life. Salvador Dali is passionately bound to Paul Eluard's wife, Gala, for the first time, and will continue this passion for life.
When it came to 1931, Salvador Dali painted his work "Belle Azmi", which was known by all segments today, after his work "Love and Memory".
 The book titled Azmi will be called People Soft Times or Hours. The work is regarded as a rebellion and protest against the invalidity time. However, Dali writes in a column that he was inspired by a Camembert cheese melted under the auspices of August for his Belly Azmi. These words can be given as examples of how much Salvador Dali is in spite of his frivolous personality.
In 1931, Salvador Dali's father withdrew her son from his family, disapproving of his relationship with a widow. Salvador Dali portrays this phenomenon with "Guillaume Tell Muammari". In this picture, your belly is as famous as Azmi.
Salvador Dali, married to Gala, the woman of his life in 1934, was invited as a speaker at the London International Surrealist Exhibition, held in 1936, after increasing his reputation with the exhibition he opened in New York the same year. Salvador Dali succeeds in making a lot of mention about himself by revealing his strange line with the diver costume he wore while he was on duty.

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